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The Role of Tech For Restaurants During and After Covid-19

Technology has historically always served the purpose of making daily life more convenient, relaxed, and seamless. At this point, we’d be lost without it, especially during a global pandemic. When leaving our homes is a health concern, technology is our crutch to make sure that we are informed, fed, and comfortable. That’s why online ordering is so powerful, and something that will become the new normal even after the dust settles. Even more significant is the ability to order food from restaurants online. When considering safety and accommodation, for both restaurant staff and patrons, there really is no other option. As we move more towards becoming an online society, the technology and ability to do so advances.

Staying Contactless

This is the biggest thing on everyone’s mind right now, right? How do we stay contactless? There’s so much that customers touch on a simple run to a store, let alone an experience at a restaurant. From dining at a table to touching a kiosk pad during a pick-up, every square inch of a restaurant or store has now become a potential area of concern. However, with novel digital ordering technology and the implementation of contactless curbside pickup, contactless dining, technology is able to alleviate these concerns. Even before COVID-19, touching a kiosk pad served as a cesspool of germs we never wanted to think about. Now, in the thick of it, with people touching their cards constantly, even the card receptor is worrisome. With online ordering and contactless pick-up, there’s no need for health-related anxiety during a pick-up. Instead, customers can enter their credit card information into their apps and it will remain their payment option for future purchases.


GPS tracking has made it possible for folks to track their deliveries and even get notifications for when their pick-up is ready. For the customer, the timing couldn’t be more convenient. Once their order is ready, or almost ready for pickup or delivery, they know! On the restaurant side of the operation, FreshBytes (along with other advanced companies) has created an organized system to be put in place. Menus can be updated in real time, customers can make their own modifications, and every step of the process is documented. Scribbled food tickets are a thing of the past. Missing modifications and impatient customers are now in on the behind-the-scenes process, even though they are sitting comfortably at home.

Visual Menus On Any Device

Nothing makes deciding a restaurant order easier than actually seeing the food and reading or modifying the ingredients. It makes for a very personalized food ordering experience. And, advanced technology implemented in FreshBytes and other systems allow for visual menus to appear both on handheld devices and the website. Restaurants that don’t have this option for their customers are stuck in the past and subject to a loss of business because it’s an added layer to the experience that keeps the customer feel in-the-know in terms of what they are getting. And, this is especially true for newly acquired customers

Customer Loyalty

Once those new customers become part of the family, online ordering from their favorite spots is weaved into their routine. What makes this new technology great is the ability to re-order at the tap of a button. When a customer is pondering what they’d like to eat next, they are also dreading the process. That flies out of the window when they know that the process includes a reorder button. The easier it is for customers to place orders, the more loyal they become to their ‘spots.’

Restaurants with a Small Budget? No Problem

In the past, online-delivery and pick-up options often would cost a business a small fortune via built-in fees. But, more than ever, it’s smaller-to-medium sized businesses that are in need of the service for both the safety of their customers, but also the employment of their staff and ability to stay in business. This is true now, and in the future. Experts are estimating that post Covid food ordering is going to dominate the restaurant business, and that restaurateurs and corporations are going to funnel efforts and finances into implementing systems in which they can lead or keep up with the innovations of the industry. Beyond just societal health fears that will last beyond the pandemic, people will begin to feel accustomed to enjoying a restaurant’s meal from the convenience of their own home on a regular basis. Pizza delivery, or big-city restaurant delivery was once the entire pie for most folks who conceptualized the restaurant-style at-home experience, but now it’s only a slice. What makes FreshBytes special is that they offer a commission-free system, so that restaurants can keep up despite their budget.

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