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4 Ways to Grow Off-Premise Restaurant Sales

The pandemic had us thinking a lot about what’s next!

The New Normal is not temporary, it’s going to become our New Future, the New Way of Living and Off-Premises Dining is going to be the top revenue earning source for all restaurants worldwide.

So if you find yourself hustling through this new dimension of the industry, struggling to make sales and grow further, this article will help you find opportunities to capture and retain customers.

Get the Right Packaging

72% of American consumers say that well-packaged food influences their purchasing decisions.

Pay special attention to food packaging. You don’t want your customers to receive their food cold and unappealing. Using proper take-out containers helps keep your food warm, intact, and ready-to-eat from your kitchen all the way to your customer’s doorstep, encouraging repeat sales. Hot food bags and insulated boxes can help maintain proper temperature and keep food/drinks from sweating.

Menu Engineering

Keep the menu short and to the point!

Online customers neither have the patience nor time to skim through a long menu of option. Short menu with easy to navigate categories ensures better conversions for online ordering. So if you have been a dine-in only restaurant, it's time to look into your menu. For many restaurants, menu engineering will mean reducing items on the extensive menu and selecting a maximum of15 to 20 best-selling dishes that can also travel well.

Up-Selling Opportunities

Offering the right up-sell at the right time can boost average cart value

Off-premises dining gives restaurant a lot of up-selling opportunities. From the home page banner to menu page, cart and even at the time of final checkout, you can increase your revenue opportunities by creating deals, offers, combos or recommendations to push menu items with slower stock turnover - something that may seem pushy or impolite in a dine-in set up.

Capitalize on Build-Your-Own-Dish

It’s all about giving a great choice and flexibility!

The insane proliferation of BYOD - Build your Own Dish during the pandemic has proved that the new generation love customization, especially when it comes to food. You can win their loyalty for life if you provide them the flexibility and freedom to create their own dishes.

Depending upon the cuisine you offer, you can either provide a broad range of ingredients and let the customer build the entire dish from scratch or simply allow them to tweak the chef-crafted options by replacing a few ingredients. You may also think about going the a-la-carte way if your set up allows you to do so.

Get future ready now with FreshBytes

Needless to say, you must create a solid online presence and start taking advantage of the technologies at your fingertips to revamp your business offerings. Launching a native website and/or a mobile ordering app has become as easy as pie. All you need is a reliable technology partner that can offer a comprehensive solution for the digital set up - starting from online ordering system, mobile ordering app, marketing automation and of course, delivery support.

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