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Introducing Apple Pay and Google Pay Directly From Restaurant’s Website!


FreshBytes already had support for modern payment options like Apple and Google pay for all of the restaurant mobile ordering apps. We are thrilled to announce that now this feature is also available for web ordering platform as well. This feature can be used via desktop, mobile and mobile apps.

Safer Way to Pay

Customers do not need to input or share their credit card information which means better security and less chance of fraud.

Faster Checkouts

Frictionless checkouts as the customer doesn't need to add 16 digit card numbers, expiration date, cvc, and billing zip code.

Improved Customer’s Experience

Online ordering convenience and payment security improves customer loyalty and online sales.

Is there a cost to the restaurants to include this feature at checkout?

There is no additional cost to your restaurant to have your customers use Apple and Google Pay.

How can a restaurant get started?

No action needed if you already use Online Ordering, Pick up, Delivery or Contactless Dine-In with FreshBytes.

What will the checkout screen look like?

Google Pay or Apple Pay button appears as a payment option where a guest can click a button to pull in their payment information from their Apple Pay or Google Pay account.

Here's what Apple Pay or Google Pay screen will look like during the checkout.

Customers who are not connected with Apple Pay or Google Pay, can they still order with credit cards?

Yes. Every guest still has the option to manually enter their credit card information during checkout.

Would a customer be able to see Apple Pay and Google Pay together on the same browser?

No. Safari is an Apple browser, it will display Apple Pay. Chrome browser will display Google Pay.

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