Nationwide On Demand

Flat-Rate Delivery

For Your Restaurant

No need to send your customer to 3rd parties like GrubHub to enable food delivery, you can now enable delivery from your own restaurant website or app and use the DoorDash Driver network via FreshBytes.

Grow Your Profits

Get flat rate delivery fee and increase your profits

Reduce your cost by passing all or some of the delivery fees on to your customers.

Reduce Your Cost

Widen Your Reach

Widen your reach and set customized delivery zones

Easy Control

Adjust  hours of operations,   turn delivery on and off whenever you want.

No Hassle

No hassle for restaurants,

 our system automatically communicates with the drivers 

No Need to have Your Own Delivery Crew

Restaurants don’t have to manage 

their own drivers or worry about

no-show drivers.

Get Notified

You will be able to see on the dashboard when Dasher has delivered the food to your customer

Stay Connected

Stay connected to your customer. It's your customers you should

be connected to them

On Demand Drivers

DoorDash provides a restaurant portal to request on-demand drivers or make other changes

Set Delivery Minimum

Restaurant can easily set minimum delivery order


$6.99 - For The First Mile


$0.50  - Per Additional Mile

You can choose how much of the fee your restaurant will absorb and how much you'd like to pass on to your customers.

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