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About FreshBytes

FreshBytes mission is to help small to medium-sized restaurants connect with their customers by providing them advanced online ordering platform that is easy to use and affordable.

We believe all restaurants deserve the chance to connect to their customers through the latest technology and innovation –  no matter what their size or budget.


In this technology-driven society consumers are looking to connect to brands and engage with their story online and through their devices. Dining in person or ordering take out is now only the half the story for building customer relationships. Consumers want to be engaged, get the latest updates, and order food online in a convenient and enjoyable way.

Up until now, restaurants that wanted to provide a seamless experience for their customers to order food and engage with them online had to pay a small fortune for an often disjointed experience.

FreshBytes was created to empower greater expression between restaurants and customers. We achieve this by giving small to medium-sized restaurants access to the latest cutting edge online ordering system that is easy to use and affordable.

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