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5 Ways to Grow Restaurant Revenue Using an Online Ordering System

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

2019 saw a substantial surge in demand for restaurant digital ordering, with 23.6% of sales coming only from digital avenues. Much of the growth came from changing consumer preferences for convenience. But the COVID-19 outbreak skyrocketed the demand for off-premise dining, making it the biggest and the only revenue source for restaurants, not just in the US, but all over the world.

Given the past statistics, and the current market scenario, the appetite for restaurant online ordering is canonical. COVID or no COVID, there’s no turning back!

But how do you implement the system in a profitable manner?

To help you maximize sales using an online ordering system, we’ve listed a few essential features that would help you gain an edge over the competition, and maximize revenue.

Add Photos of all the Dishes

When hunger strikes, the first thing that becomes visible to your eyes is what you want to grab. According to experts, adding food images next to each item on the menu guarantees to boost sales by 30%.

That is to say, in order to entice and convert customers into placing an order from your restaurant website, update your digital menu with photography. Following a consistent photography style across all digital platforms can help increase recognition, as well as capture the attention of potential customers.

Furthermore, posting the images of your signature dishes on social media could be a great visual stimulator for your followers, convincing them to frequently buy from you

Leverage the Power of Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

Add Chicken wings with Burger at just $5!

This is also called suggestive selling. For example, suggest an addition with a callout below your main dishes with headers such as “Jazz up your Meal” or “Pair It With”. In case you don’t have many options to suggest from the menu, simple prompts to add more quantity for less amount can also do the trick. When done right, these strategies make a great way to increase average order value and maximize profitability.

The Ease of Social Media Ordering

An average Facebook user clicks the Like button 25-30 times and writes about 5 comments in a single day! How many feeds do they browse through over a period of 24 hours? A jillion, really, especially in today's social distancing and self-isolation times.

So when a customer, browsing through umpteen images of food on Facebook and Instagram feeds, thinks about ordering food online, he or she should be able to do it from the platform they might have available at the time. Therefore, integrating online ordering on your Restaurant Facebook Page could translate into some pretty impressive orders for your restaurant.

Special tip: Add your restaurant website ordering link to your Instagram’s Bio. Used correctly, your link in bio helps to drive engagement and loyalty among your customers.

Personalize Customer Experience

In today's time, customers demand special attention from the brands they interact with and stay loyal with. When done right, personalized ordering experience can do wonders for your bottom line. A smart online ordering system allows restaurants to anticipate individual needs and customize a solution that’s intuitive every step of the way.

From giving personalized marketing campaigns to customized deals and loyalty programs - such strategies can help you move up your sales graph by 20%. Further to it, if customers want to repeat a certain order they should be able to complete the whole process in just a couple of minutes with the reorder option.

Take the first step to increasing sales!

Transitioning to an in-house online ordering is the first step to increasing sales. Only then you’ll be able you effectively implement the above-mentioned strategies.

Don't have online ordering for your restaurant yet? FreshByes is here to help.

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