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Offer customer convenience

while growing your

restaurant online

FreshBytes brings efficiency to the complex food industry by delivering to restaurants an advanced and affordable online ordering solution – with built-in marketing tools.

How it works

Get set up in a flash

We set up and customize your website ordering portal and branded mobile ordering app from the get go with your logo, menu and pictures.

Receive online orders + payments

Provide customer convenience and start receiving food orders directly from your website, social media pages, and mobile ordering app. Money is deposited directly into your bank account through our partner Stripe.

Build customer relationships

Continue the conversation and build loyal customers by offering engaging and relevant emails, notifications, and incentives.

Branded mobile apps that

connect and engage

Place your brand in your customer’s pocket and continue building the relationship after they leave your restaurant. Offer your customers the convenience of including food ordering into their already mobile-integrated lifestyles.


Website Ordering

FreshBytes platform smoothly integrates into your restaurant website and social medial pages. Provide seamless online food ordering experience for your customers directly from your brand, rather than sending them away to other sites that charge you high commissions.


Metrics and Insights

Gain deeper customer insights to create personalized content and build longer lasting customer relationships. Track your online sales through comprehensive reports and monitor trends.